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Lululemon – Susty or Not?


Alright #baez, it's time to break a sweat – not just in the yoga studio, but in the quest for truth about Lululemon's sustainability claims.

Strap in as we unravel the reality behind the brand's eco-friendly facade and see if it's really walking the walk. Spoiler alert: things might get a little stretchy. Let’s dive in!



Stretching the Truth: Lululemon's Environmental Impact

Let's start with the environment, shall we? Lululemon claims to be all about "active sustainability," but the reality is a bit of a stretch. Sure, they're using some lower-impact materials and have set emissions targets, but here's the kicker – there's no evidence they're actually on track to meet them. And with most of their materials being fossil fuel-derived nylon and polyester, the planet is feeling the burn. Yikes.

Flexing on Fair Labour: The People Problem

When it comes to treating people right, Lululemon's track record is a bit of a stretch too. While some final production stages get the nod from the Fair Labor Association, the good news stops there. We're talking no evidence of living wages, sketchy sourcing from countries with labour abuse risks, and even links to the Xinjiang region in China – where Uyghur forced labour is a serious concern. Talk about a downward dog.

Animal Rights in a Bind: Stretching the Limits

And what about our furry friends? You guessed it – Lululemon's stance on animal welfare is also a bit of a stretch. While they steer clear of fur and leather, there's no evidence they're taking meaningful action to minimise animal suffering. Plus, they're still using wool, silk, and exotic animal hair. Sorry, Lulu, but that's a downward-facing dog in our book.



The Verdict

So, what's the verdict on Lululemon's sustainability score?

Let's just say it's not exactly a yoga pose we want to hold. With an overall rating of "Not Good Enough” on the Good On You app, it's clear there's work to be done.

We're talking managing microplastics, paying fair wages, and ensuring animals are treated with kindness – no stretch of the imagination needed.

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