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Finding your tribe in uncharted waters

Moving to a new city is like starting a new episode of your favourite show. The setting is unfamiliar, the characters haven't been introduced, and the plot is yet to unfold. It's exciting, a bit daunting, but above all, it's the perfect chance to build a social circle that could end up meaning the world to you. So, where does one begin this journey of making new friends?

Our Pick: Supper Club

Imagine this: a candlelit table at a hidden gem of a restaurant, an eclectic mix of strangers soon to become friends, and a menu that promises culinary delights. This is what Supper Club offers. 

Born from a desire to combat loneliness and bring people together, Supper Club is an app that lets you book a spot at a table of six at some of London’s most-intriguing and lesser-known restaurants. It’s not just a meal; it's a social experiment designed to introduce people, who would not otherwise meet, over a great meal. The concept is based on the joy of sharing a table with open-minded strangers and turning a simple dinner into an evening of stories and new connections. 

Why do we recommend it? Because it offers much more than just a meal. Whether you’re looking for new friends, expanding your networks or simply craving a different night out, Supper Club sets the stage perfectly. It’s an experience that promises not only delicious dishes but also the possibility of turning a table of diners into a group of friends.

Are you new to London? Amazing news: they are hosting their Spring Feast soon! This event is the perfect opportunity to jump-start your social life in the new city and be part of an unforgettable dining experience. Don't miss out on this seasonal celebration of food and friendship.

Other Ideas to Forge New Friendships

  • Workshops and Classes: Always wanted to learn pottery or brush up on your French? Sign up for a class. It’s a double win—you learn a skill and meet people with similar interests.
  • Volunteer: There’s no better way to meet compassionate people than by working together for a common cause. Plus, it feels good to give back.
  • Sports and Fitness Clubs: Join a local gym or a running group. If you're into team sports, find a local league like soccer or softball.
  • Book Clubs: For those who love reading, a book club offers a way to share your thoughts and delve deeper into discussions with others.
  • Cafés and Bars: Frequent a neighbourhood café or bar. Such places can be great social hubs.
  • Explore Public Spaces: Parks, museums, and art galleries are not only places to enrich your mind but also spaces to meet diverse groups.
  • Say Yes More: Be open to invitations or new experiences, even if they push you slightly out of your comfort zone.


Remember, building meaningful relationships takes time and patience. Whether it's through an arranged dinner via Supper Club or a random chat in a workshop, every interaction has the potential to turn into a friendship. After all, every friend in your circle was once a stranger. In a new city, every corner, café, and event is an opportunity to meet someone amazing. So, keep your mind open, say yes more often, and let the journey of making new friends begin.

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