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Let’s dive into the world of solid perfumes - they are far more than just a trend – they’re setting the stage for a full-blown revival in how we wear scent.

We sat down with the founder of Tenth Muse to talk about everything solid perfumes, their most recent product launch and most importantly to find out why everyone is suddenly obsessed. 

Tenth Muse is blending tradition with a modern conscience. They're not just making perfume, they’re on a mission to bring you perfumes that are clean, natural, and utterly irresistible, all while keeping Mother Earth in the loop. Their packaging? Recyclable. Their ethos? Sustainable. Their vibe? Unmistakably cool.

Why are solid perfumes better than sprays? 

There are so many reasons, but we managed to compile a convincing list for you below:

Portability That Matches Your Pace: Solid perfumes are sleek and compact, making them perfect for those who are always on the move -  to carry in your pocket or bag or on your flight - they don’t even count towards your liquid allowance. They're also leak-proof, so no need to worry about that when travelling either. 

Precision in Every Touch:  Solid perfumes allow for more precise application since you can control the amount of product you apply with your fingers. Apply it exactly where you want—on your pulse points, behind your ears, or even on your collarbone. 

Endurance to Keep You Scented: Some people find that solid perfumes have a longer-lasting scent compared to spray perfumes. The waxes and oils used in solid perfumes can help to lock in the fragrance, allowing it to slowly release over time.

Moisturizing Magic: Solid perfumes often contain moisturising ingredients such as shea butter, beeswax, or coconut oil, which can help to nourish the skin while providing fragrance. This can be beneficial for those with dry or sensitive skin.

Back to Nature: Many solid perfumes are made with natural ingredients and essential oils, making them a popular choice for those who prefer to avoid synthetic fragrances or have sensitivities to certain chemicals commonly found in spray perfumes.

Susty: Tenth Muse perfumes are also refillable so you can mix and match your scents while saving on pennies and the environment! Win-win. 

Tenth Muse solid perfume
(Image credit: Tenth Muse)


How long will your scent last? 

A solid 6 hours, extending even further when you layer up. It’s scent-sational endurance at its best.


How do you wear it? 

Any way you want!

Dab it on your wrists for a whisper of scent that follows you like a shadow, or apply it behind your ears for a subtle hint of mystery. The beauty of solid perfume is versatility – all their perfumes are also refillable so you can mix and match your scents while saving on pennies and the environment.


Their New Spring Scent

They just released their new Spring Scent, created in collaboration with their community through polls. It’s called Wildflower Haze and it comes in a brand new vessel colour option, Clay. 

Ready to ditch the spray for something new? Browse all Tenth Muse scents 

Tenth Muse solid perfume
(Image credit: Tenth Muse)


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