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Perfume-Making Workshop

The workshop would be divided into two parts: first the founder would talk about the perfume themselves and the science behind. The second part would be dedicated to the making of a personalised perfume. Each person would choose between three notes to create a unique customised perfume.

27th November

4 Conduit Street

Meet the Founder with Jenny Nordic

Come meet Jenny, the founder of Jenny Nordic Skincare! She would love to meet you and have a chat about natural beauty, and sustainability, and answer any questions regarding the brand and products. Come test Jenny Nordic Skincare products in person and meet the founder behind the brand!

4th of December

4 Conduit Street

Nini Experience with nini Organics

Sitting around a table, we would try the full NINI Organics range, from cleaners and oil to masks. The goal is to help people understand what works with their skin type and how each product actively helps the skin.

9th of December

4 Conduit Street

Wellness Talk with RAIN

RAIN is calling for a new wellness paradigm and to leave the superficial days of wellness behind to look beyond the surface level of self-care. In this panel discussion we’ll hear from wellbeing experts on the evolving understanding of wellness, the role it plays in our lives, the relationship between personal and collective wellbeing, as well as advice on how to truly feel well especially ahead of the busy holiday season.

12th of December

4 Conduit Street

Meet the Founder with Sunday of London of London invites you along to enjoy a fun evening of free where they will also be introducing their brand-new Ad Astra vessels. It will be a chance to connect, meet the founder and talk about all things, as well as browse all the amazing products available at the pop up!

16th of December

4th of December

Shower gel making Workshop with Ethosa

Fancy learning how to make your own refillable plant-based shower gel in 3 easy steps? Join us for an evening with ETHOSA. Get ready to smell like a spa break, every day!

This event is over
23rd of November 17:30

4 Conduit Street

Show and Tell with sowvital

Join us for a product demonstration. Sowvital will explain step by step how the kit works and what it does to the plants.

This event is over
21st November 18:30

4 Conduit Street

Terrarium Workshop with london terrarium

You love plants but live in a garden-less flat? Or just dead set on only giving hand made gifts this year? Either way, we’ve got you covered! Join us on for an intimate event where you’ll be able to make your own Tinyjohn terrarium and learn a whole lot about our green friends.

This event is over
19th of November 18:30

4 Conduit Street

Beauty Talk with NINI organics

Green Beauty 101, Learn everything you need to know about organic ingredients, how green beauty brands are leading the way with eco-conscious ideals; how far ingredients have come from just being an oil to an advanced biotech active, and the importance of indie beauty brands. NINI Organics is switching things up and looking at skincare in the most fabulous way possible, learn how from the creator himself Alex Nicolaou.

This event is over
18th of November 18:00

4 Conduit Street