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Bathe in the purified waters of the new world with the revitalising aroma of tuberose, wildflowers and Haitian vetiver - in an antioxidant and mineral-rich blend of bath salts. A 5-in-1 combination of Himalayan Pink Rock Salts, Dead Sea Salts and Epsom Salts - enriched with moisturising Colloidal Oats and restorative aromatherapy.

Health Benefits:

  • Exfoliating: Mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt is revered for its therapeutic properties, removing dead skin cells and supporting natural skin healing. It is suitable for use on sensitive skin prone to eczema, acne and psoriasis.
  • Purifying: Rich in essential skin minerals and antioxidants, Himalayan Pink Rock Salts gently cleanses and detoxifies while protecting your skins natural barrier.
  • Soothing: Anti-inflammatory agents found in Epsom Salts helps relieve muscle tension and reduce soreness, whilst stimulating blood circulation.
  • Hydrating: Colloidal Oat (or Avena sativa) is known for moisturising and soothing dry skin, whilst also improving complexion and even boosting collagen.
  • Stress-Relieving: Relax your mind with our unique aromatic neuroscents, designed to activate your brains ‘daydream mode’.

*Vegan, Naturally Sourced, Cruelty-Free and Palm-Oil Free.

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