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Welcome to a fresh take on beauty that's not just about looking good, but also doing good - meet UpCircle Beauty, a brand redefining skincare by ensuring nothing goes to waste. We sat down with co-founder siblings Anna and Will, the faces behind UpCircle to dive into their innovative approach. Here’s what they shared about upcycled beauty, their inspirations, and the future of eco-conscious skincare.

What is upcycled beauty?

Upcycled beauty is all about reimagining what would otherwise be discarded. UpCircle intercepts ingredients before they’re wasted and reprocesses them in one way or another -  think extracting oils or grinding into powders - making them perfect for skincare. It’s an innovative process that breathes new life into what most would overlook.

Beauty from Waste?

When asked why they chose this path, the founders of UpCircle, siblings Anna and Will, explained, "It’s the future of beauty. It’s no longer enough to just be natural, vegan, organic or cruelty-free – we need to do more for the planet and look to what’s next. Circular economy skincare and haircare was a complete gap in the market so we wanted to prove that it could be done and it should be done. We’re proud to be the pioneers of by-product beauty.”


Sourcing the Magic

The journey of UpCircle began with a stark realisation: the vast amount of coffee grounds discarded in the UK each year. From this, a vision emerged to not only recycle coffee but to expand this ethos to over 50 different by-product ingredients.

Each UpCircle product has a backstory as rich as its ingredients. Take their Cleansing Bars, crafted from residual chai spices sourced from a family-run company in Bath, UK. These spices undergo a transformation, from being brewed in teas to being dried and ground into potent powders that infuse the soaps with mesmerising scents. This meticulous sourcing and manufacturing process is what gives UpCircle products their unique appeal and effectiveness.

Choosing UpCircle means directly contributing to reducing waste. The brand rescues over 100 kilograms of by-product ingredients every day, transforming them into beauty essentials. This not only saves these valuable ingredients from landfills but also significantly reduces the environmental footprint associated with traditional beauty product manufacturing.

The best of the best

The Caffeinated Duo set, featuring an eye cream and face serum made from upcycled coffee oil, tops their bestseller list. These products have become staples for those looking to brighten and refresh their skin. More recently, UpCircle introduced a Home Mist made from upcycled grapefruit oil and a Body Oil from upcycled passion fruit oil, both of which have quickly become fan favourites.

Making Eco-Friendly Choices

For those looking to support sustainable brands, UpCircle advises opting for products with refillable packaging or returns schemes, minimal water content, and certifications, claiming the best is to look for “brands who put budget behind certifications which hold them to the highest standards across different areas of the business”. 

UpCircle Beauty isn’t just about what’s in the jar. They hold certifications from B Corp, The Vegan Society, Leaping Bunny, and the Soil Association, among others, ensuring they meet the highest sustainability and ethical standards. Their commitment extends beyond their products, into their innovative packaging solutions and community engagement. They’ve refilled over 65,000 pieces of packaging through their "Return, Refill, Reuse" scheme, making them a standout example of how brands can foster environmental stewardship.

From their roots in upcycled coffee to their latest skincare innovations, UpCircle Beauty is setting a new standard for what beauty should be—sustainable, effective, and always conscious of its environmental impact. Ready to revolutionise your beauty routine? Explore the world of UpCircle Beauty and become part of a movement that’s as good for the planet as it is for your skin.

UpCircle: Better Skincare. All Round

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